does anyone else think of Derek, Scott, and Liam as Grandpa, Dad, and Son


Preparing for Teen Wolf Season 4 finale be like



I’m sorry but I was not prepared to find out that derek hale is a landlord in canon

derek hale, the enigmatic landlord who lives on the top floor, has a second cell phone for tenants to call him on, sometimes let’s the students in 6B pay their rent late because he knows how it is. derek hale plunging toilets and changing locks and drawing up leases. bless this character development


I’m still in shocked. I’m so disappointed. How dare you Jeff. The worst thing is that he broke stydia tradition, but gave us Stalia. Like, putting Stydia’s things in Stalia. 2x11 - The first smile ( when Lydia was with Sheriff and Mama McCall) and now we see this coyote girl sitting with Sheriff to cheer up Stiles? what the fuck? I’m sorry for mistakes, I can’t even think right now.

  • teen wolf: *event occurs*
  • teen wolf fandom: omg what
  • teen wolf fandom: wait omg what
  • teen wolf fandom: lmao what
  • teen wolf fandom: omg wait what


scott and kira try to have sexy times?

kate argent swoops in “we’re going to church ya’ll need jesus.”


you know if DANNY MAHEALANI were in the goal this shit wouldn’t be happening i’m JUST SAYING

“But where the HELL is lydia” — Me during 90% of season 4 (via sarcasticbanshee24)


If you ever loose faith in stydia just remember that stiles has seen lydia naked

“greenberg, this is all your fault” — coach, probably (via stilesbaelinski)